About me

Hi! My name is Angela...

I’m thrilled you decided to explore my photography today.

Photography is my creative outlet. I’m always shooting, even when I’m not. 🙂 I use it to connect with people and the planet around me.

I’m a pretty easy person to get along with. I try to make everyone smile. I can make a great photo out of situation. If you take a look around but don’t see anything beautiful, just keep looking until you do.

I grew up outside Chicago, USA. In grade school, I brought disposable film cameras to recess, and in college, I studied both color and black & white darkrooms. This is my life’s passion.

I’ve taken photos in 12 countries and more than 35 states, so it’s safe to say I’ve got experience with different subjects! 

Favorite moments include shooting a backyard wedding during a February, marveling at the Milky Way Galaxy in Utah, and sleeping in a hammock on the Caribbean Coast.


My style follows the idea that “Life is Amazing,” I’m blessed to be able to see beautiful geometric patterns everywhere. These shapes create fantastic visions my camera shares with you. 

I believe humans must explore. I’m a traveling English teacher and a Spanish student, and I really enjoy spending time in Latin America. Lovers of animals, nature, friendly faces, and sunshine will be happy in South America as well.

It is with your help that I can live, work, and travel. THANK YOU for supporting my photography. Every like, every share, and every print or calendar purchase helps, seriously! I want to keep sharing this world’s beauty with YOU…so let’s make it happen!


Now, talk to me about YOUR project now. How can I help?

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